How we operate

We would be very happy to quote for the renovation.  Our teams of local and experienced builders can undertake every renovation and refurbishment project in South-East part of Bulgaria. We will turn your old rural property or your flat into a lovely and new holiday home. We can also offer you customized furniture packages designed to fit all your requirements. Whether it is an apartment or house our renovation team will give you the best refurbishment solution for your property. We will update you with pictures throughout the whole renovation process so you can monitor and control the quality of refurbishment with no need to be in Bulgaria. Please check the web some of our projects.

Service Area Map
Mekotek is currently operating in the follow regions from Bulgaria: Yambol, Stara Zagora, Burgas and Sliven.

How we prepare your quotation?

In order for us to provide you with a quotation we need to gain access to the property.  There are various ways in which we can arrange this. We can meet you at the property itself or drive you there from your hotel, or we can visit the house without you being present after obtaining the keys from a key holder, but if we meet your key holder will be very helpful he to know what work is require to be done at the property.

Our company representative and the builder both are present, and will carry out a detailed survey, taking into consideration things which are, and are not possible.

Planning Permission:
In some cases planning permission is required.  We can advise you if this is the case.

If your project is a new build, or the work requires a lot of changes to the existing architecture we can recommend architects is some areas in Bulgaria.

The quote and Price:
We aim to get your quotation to you as soon as possible after the survey has been carried out.  This usually takes approx 5-7 days.  We never give immediate quotations on site or prices just with photos over e-mails, as we need to check the prices of the materials for each project as well as delivery prices.    We detail all the work separately, so you can see the unit prices.  It’s our policy not to change any prices during the work, so you have the added peace of mind of a work contract in place over any work we carry out.

The work contract gives the customer peace of mind, it clearly states the work in which is to be undertaken, the 1 year guarantee, & the payment schedule.  Should you wish to see a copy of one of these, please ask and we can email a copy to you.

The work, updates and management:
We constantly monitor the performance and quality of our staff’s work, and we take regular photo updated of the work and place the photos on  We never ask for a second payment until sufficient work has been carried out and can be seen on the website.   You will be given contacts in both the UK and in Bulgaria, who will be on hand at all stages of the renovation.

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Many thanks
Mekotek Team